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Ugly Vans & Switchback Van Rental
We recently merged with Switchback Van Rental to create one great company. We rent ugly vans for pretty rates. Instead of buying and selling vans frequently, we purchase, maintain, and rent! We have unique vans and amazing service to make your rental fun and hassle free.

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Simple van rentals
We rent used basic vans. You can add things like luggage racks to your rental or request special seating setups if available. Our vans are great for moving cargo or passengers on a budget.

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For what you need
Rent unique vans for whatever you need! From getting away to wanting more room to moving, Switchback has unique vans and amazing service to make your rental fun and hassle free.

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Hit the slopes
Rent vans to hit the slopes! All of our vehicles come with snow tires in the winter for better traction. Many of our vehicles have luggage racks for extra skis and various seating arrangements for gear space.

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Tour time
Get your tour going with Switchback! We offer larger vans so you have room for passengers and all your equipment. Let us know if we can help with deciding which van is best suited for you tour needs.

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Church vans
Many call them church vans after all, right!? Rent vans for your church or religious organization. Our van rentals can be used to transport the passengers and gear you need.

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Enjoy the outdoors
Enjoy the outdoors with a van rental from Switchback! Many of our rentals can be equipped to make camping easier with more space in the back versus seats or with extra space on top for your tents and bags. Feel free to consult our support team with any questions about renting our vans for camping.

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Get moving
Switchback wants to make moving easy. We have smaller moving vans available with seating for five and gear space in the back. This way you can move your belongings along with some friends to help without hassle.

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Ugly Vans cares
Our team wants you to feel comfortable and at home when renting from us. Yes, we rent used unique vans however take great pride in our fleet and take care our rentals as if they were our own vehicles. We try our hardest to make sure our vans are maintained regularly and cleaned appropriately before our rentals.

Are we perfect? No. As with anything in life there may be an issue however our approach is to limit issues as much as possible and further more take proactive actions to prevent them happening again. Not everyone will be 100% satisfied but we will give 100% to try to reach that number. We want happy return clients, end of story.

Friendly. Awesome. Fun.

We want you to have a great experience with your rental:)

Once you make the Switch, you'll understand the difference!