Base Rental Prices

How is the vehicle delivered?
Switchback will bring the vehicle to the address selected by the time requested. We check out the vehicle to your group and give you the code to the lockbox to get the keys.

How is the vehicle picked up?
When you are finished with your rental you leave the vehicle at the selected area and put the keys back in the lockbox. Our team will come retrieve the vehicle from your group at the time selected.

Can we pay in cash or prepaid card?
No. We do not accept cash nor prepaid cards.

Who is responsible for vehicle during delivery?
Once the vehicle is checked out to your group from our team, you are responsible for the rental until our team returns to check in your vehicle.

How does airport pickup work?
Switchback will leave your rental in the airport parking lot (as if you parked your own vehicle at the airport). You will receive a code to open the lockbox once the vehicle is at the airport.

How does airport return work?
You return your vehicle back to the airport parking lot (as if you were parking your own vehicle at the airport). You put the keys back in the lockbox and send us the location.

Can I sign paperwork in person?
No. Switchback is all electronic. You must have access to a computer and/or smartphone to sign and pay for your reservation with our service.

Switchback Van Rental is a Denver startup company with the focus of making renting large van rentals easier and cheaper.

Our rent a vans can be used for anything you can think of from touring the Rockies, ski trips, golf trips, events, concerts, moving, and so much more.

Pickup is super easy from our lot on on Colorado Boulevard. You simply show up, open the van with a code, and go.