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Switchback Pricing Comparison

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We want to help you compare the true costs involved in renting a van. There a multiple car rental companies out there like Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and National to name a few but they rent cars right? Well, they also rent trucks, vans, equipment and more but it’s not their specialty.

Switchback Van and Equipment rental solely focuses on large passenger van rentals, trailer rentals, box trucks, and other various types of equipment. Our company is a startup focused on this niche market. We want to help you compare the benefits and cost savings of renting through our service versus the rental goliaths.

Caused some damage? Our stuff is much easier to deal with for fixing damage to our vehicles than a large corporate environment. Also, since the vans are rented used wear and tear is normal.

Our vans are used and reliable. If our vehicle breakdown we tow it for free to the nearest shop and refund your unused days with the van. Larger companies charge extra for this service, it’s included in our rate free of charge.

Switchback Van Rental offers personal customer service from our local staff. From booking to pickup our communication level is unmatched with personal assistance when you need it.