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Portland Maine Vans
Flying into Portland and going on an adventure? Have a group and need a larger vehicle to explore the New England area? Switchback is your go to speciality vehicle rental service. Specializing in larger passenger vans and more unique vehicles, Switchback can offer your group the perfect rental for your trip to Maine.

You can head to Acadia with east with one of our reliable used passenger vans. Go exploring along the coast with the whole group in one vehicle. Our vehicle can make the climb to Cadillac Mountain or simply cruise around the city of Portland.

Explore the lighthouse along the coast winter or summer with a Switchback Rental. Our company can rent vans that can tow or have racks for additional gear. Also, our vans come standard with snow tires in the winter months to provide extra grip for navigating the snowy Maine roads.

One Click Portland Van Rental Service

One Click Booking
Our web application makes it super easy to make a van rental reservation with our service. You can create and account or book as a guest. You can easily track your reservation by logging in. And unlike the other guys our support team is here to help with any issues.

Deliver Rental Van to Portland Airport

Airport Delivery
If you’re flying into the Portland Airport we make it easy to pickup. Your vehicle will be waiting for you in airport parking. You can simply use the lockbox to access your keys and off you go. If you need assistance ask a support team member for help.

Van Rental Portland Maine Airport

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